Get a inbox with disposable emails on your own domain for your next side project

Centralize important information about people important to you. Use disposable emails to customize your communications. Collaborate on emails.
It is like Mailinator..for your side project.
Having ALL this work on your own domain is just icing an already amazing cake!ojwt

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How does this work?

Say you own a domain -
Once you sign up for this service, you will be use as many email addresses as you want, no further configuration necessary. Emails sent to those addresses you create on the fly will appear in a single inbox.
E.g., say you want to sign up for Big Basket deliveries. While registering with Big Basket, you simply enter the email (or any such string you want). After that, whenever Big Basket wants to reach you via email, they will email you at which will appear in this inbox.
Afterward, your spouse can monitor the same inbox for any future email from Big Basket to your family.

How do we collaborate on emails?

We are working on a feature where you can post comments and vote for or against an email. This way, you can find out what everyone thinks about an email.
E.g., say your dad's doctor sends an email explaining their health prognosis with Since you and your siblings can all access the same inbox, you can all see the doctor's email, post your thoughts on that email, maybe vote for or against something the doctor proposed, and so on.

Do I have to use my own domain?

Yes and no. If you have a domain, you can use that or let us set up an inbox for you on

How much does it cost?

The service is not going to be free, if you that is what you are asking. We, the developers, need to feed our families too. Rest assured that you will not be paying the usual offshore prices for this service.


Shared Inbox, unlimited storage

Share an inbox with your family or team to centralize information.

Disposable emails on your own domain

Use disposable emails to manage and control your privacy.

Easy collaboration

Review emails as a team before responding. Add comments and vote on emails to respond as one team with one voice

Shared Inbox

Share an inbox with your family

Centralize information

Have all your emails in one location

Never miss an email

Anyone in your family or team can see and respond to emails

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Email Capture

Disposable emails

Protect your privacy

Disposable emails

Use disposable, usage-specific emails on different websites


Create as many disposable emails as you want for any purpose

Block unscrupulous businesses

Identify and block spammers who misuse your disposable emails

Easy Collaboration

Collaborate on emails

Add comments

Add comments to emails


Upvote or downvote emails to express yourself

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